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"Always have a great, smooth experience here. The staff and Dr.Terra are friendly, respectful and caring. The office is run very smoothly and efficiently. I was looking for a teeth whitening and Dr. Terra offered me the best whitening treatment I could ever imagine. Now my smile looks brighter and fresh. Definitely recommend."

Camila T.

"I'm taking the pandemic seriously and I have some anxieties about going to the dentist, so going to the dentist right now was a hard choice for me. Dental pain made the decision for me.

Dr. Julio Terra is my fave. This is only my second visit to his office. He has supplanted my favorite dentist of all time--and that woman used to hum to me while she worked. Dr. Terra is instantly calming, very professional while still being personable, and seems to really want to do good work.

I went in for a cleaning, with new dental pain. I told him. He said if it hurts too much, raise your left arm. Dude. DUDE! I didn't even get as far as raising my left arm and he stopped and checked on me. I feel safe in his office. It's been.... umm... let's not count the years... a long time since I felt anything close to safe at a dentist office--even with my humming dentist. So. Yeah. I like these people."

"Wow such an amazing experience here, definitely NOT your typical (boring) dentist office. When did you ever EVER go to a dentist for a cleaning and the doctor did the cleaning??!!  Dr Julio Terra runs a very impressive practice! Isa (Isoura) started the exam with a full explanation of what I was to expect. Starting with the X-rays, followed by the Dr.'s consultation. She was great!

Dr Terra sat and reviewed my X-rays with me, again fully explaining the interpretation and the next course of action. VERY clear and very professional! He's obviously very passionate about his practice and his patients. His staff (Isa) also represents his brand very well, as did the young lady at the front desk.

I converted from the dark, dreary, unfriendly former model of a dentist office, over to the new, modern, friendly and extremely knowledgeable NEW age dentist with Dr Julio Terra! (El Guapo)!! "

Mark P.

"What an amazing experience with an amazing team! I came in for a chipped tooth and got the All Star treatment from Dr. Terra and his team. I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend them to anyone!!"

"I have to say I searched google after losing a veneer and smile the spa was so nice and professional I gave them a try ! I am sooo very happy handled me with care and I'm going to be a client now , sending others also great place good vibe and excellent work!!!!! "

Molli C.

"I can't say enough good things about this dentist. Dr. Terra is warm, compassionate, and communicative. They asked what essential oil I wanted to diffuse during my teeth cleaning which made the experience relaxing for a change! I am so happy I found this place."

Kristen G.

"Very friendly staff and the dr spends a lot of time with you.  I didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable.  The office is clean and modern.  I had several cavities filled and a front tooth chip fixed.  It was painless and actually a pleasant experience!"

Cherith D.

Toni C.

Sarah T.

Truly an amazing experience. Dr. Terra listens to your concerns and does anything in his power to help. You will walk out with a gleaming smile.

Mario B.

“Dr. Terra is the best dentist I have had. So glad I found him. He is gentle and caring and has a wonderful demeanor. Very positive guy. His staff are fantastic and friendly. Always a good experience. The office looks and feels more like a spa than a dentist office. They don’t overbook so I normally get seen at the appointment time. Dr. Terra personally did all the work. I had deep cleaning, polishing and a few fillings. The experience was more pleasant than other dental experience I have had. My son also came to see Dr. Terra at my recommendation and he likes Dr. Terra. He had cleaning and his wisdom teeth pulled. Much gratitude to Dr. T”

Mee V.

"Wonderful Doctor, fabulous staff, could not be more pleased."

Robin S.

Always a great experience! Dr. Terra takes the time to treat your teeth with gentleness, attention to detail, and compassion!

"Dr. Julio is the best dentist on earth! Gentle, never makes you hurt and explains every step of the way. My insurance is complicated and the ladies at the front desk always figure it out, no matter what it takes. Excellent service."

Ana H.

Valerie L.

"Dr. Terra is the best. Knowledgeable, kind and will walk you through anything that needs to be completed. I’ve never had a better dentist!."

Betty C.

"Dr Terra and his staff are always pleasant and efficient. You’re always seen by the Dr and there’s never a long wait. Pleasant spa music in the background, and a hot towelette to wipe your face with after you’ve been stuck in a dentist chair. Dr Terra takes an interest in his patients and is great with kids as well! Got to have a great smile to greet a great dentist with!"


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